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Earthgro Top Soil | 40lb. Bag

Earthgro Top Soil | 40lb. Bag

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Earthgro Top Soil 40LB is a type of soil that is commonly used for gardening and landscaping. It is a blend of organic materials such as composted bark and peat moss, as well as sand and silt. This type of soil is designed to provide a good balance of drainage and moisture retention, which is important for healthy plant growth. It is also typically enriched with nutrients to support plant growth.

If you are planning to use Earthgro Top Soil 40LB for gardening or landscaping, it is important to prepare the area properly before adding the soil. This may involve removing weeds, rocks, and other debris, as well as tilling the soil to create a loose, aerated bed. You can then add the soil and mix it thoroughly with the existing soil to create a consistent blend.

It is also important to choose the right plants for your soil type and to follow proper watering and fertilization practices to ensure healthy growth.

60 Bags/Pallet

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