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Prunus- Canada Red Select Cherry - 10 Gallon

Prunus- Canada Red Select Cherry - 10 Gallon

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This improved Canada Red cherry was selected by Bailey Nurseries for its vigorous growth, straight trunk and uniform top. Foliage emerges green and turns is a darker red as it matures, with a thicker leaf texture than regular Canada Red. Long clusters of small white flowers in spring. Edible 1/4" fruit ripens from red to dark purple. Minimal suckering. Proper soil conditions are necessary for normal growth with this variety. Pay special attention to ensure good drainage and aeration.

Height: 20-25'
Spread: 20'
Shape: Oval, rounded
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green to dark maroon as they mature
Fall Foliage: Red
Zone: 2-8
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