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Polar Plastic

8x100 Poly-Black : 8 x 100

8x100 Poly-Black : 8 x 100

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Black Plastic Sheeting is suitable for construction and DIY projects. It is made of recycled polyethylene to ensure long-term use. This sheeting can be used as a temporary cover for equipment and supplies. You can also create a vapor barrier or cover crawl spaces thanks to its multipurpose design.

Black Weed Control Plastic is made from polyethylene, has a thickness of 6 mil and is built to last.  6 Mil Black Plastic Poly is suitable for construction and DIY projects.It is used to create a warm and moist environment that mitigates weeds. It can also be used for as a vapor barrier under concrete slabs as well as a water proof cover for outside equipment or product. 

  • Made of polyethylene
  • Black
  • 6 mil thickness
  • High Tensile Strength 
  • Weed Control
  • Serves as a temporary cover or vapor barrier
  • Ideal for construction and DIY projects
  • For residential or commercial use
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